Job Qualifications
Minimum Requirements
A Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology or its equivalent from a recognized university.
At least 3 years working knowledge of Auditing IT processes.
Certified Systems Information Auditor (CISA) certification.
Working knowledge and application of computer Aided Audit techniques and tools (CAATT’S) and conversant with emerging Accounting and Auditing techniques and standards.

Job Responsibilities
Job Responsibilities
Assessing the day-to-day ICT controls to ensure that transactions are correctly recorded and processed.
Auditing and reviewing data and information accruing from the ICT systems
Auditing existing ICT’s, reviewing the internal controls of new applications, products, conversion and services.
Conducting independent Information Systems audits and ensuring that Information Systems control and security risks are clearly identified
Evaluate existing and new applications and operating systems.
Evaluate existing and new technologies and networks
Performing and reviewing operational audits including system development audits.
Performing any other duties as may be assigned by the supervisor.
Providing support for data analysis and extraction to other audit staff.