Job Qualifications
Minimum Requirements
Must have a PhD or equivalent Academic Doctoral Degree in Project Planning and Management or related field
Must have at least three (3) years teaching experience at university level;
Must have published at least two articles in refereed journals or one university level textbook or two (2) book chapters.
Should be proficient in computer package.
Should have evidence of administrative experience

Job Responsibilities
Job Responsibilities
To actively participate in Department/Faculty/University community service activities;
To attend and effectively participate in Departmental, Faculty and University meetings and functions;
To be available for students and staff for office consultation;
To be committed to continuous improvement of the Department and Faculty;
To conduct research, publish and participate in seminars;
To ensure regular review of his/her courses in conformity with quality assurance reports and emerging international best practice;
To ensure that quality continuous assessment of students takes place and feedback promptly given to the students;
To supervise students’ research work;
To teach at least 10 unique units (two semesters) per academic year;
To uphold the good image of the Faculty and the University in the manner in which he or she carries out his or her duties;